About myvetting.com

Developed to be straightforward to use for both organisations and candidates, our intuitive technology streamlines the process without simplifying the security. Simple, fast, secure checks completed in real-time for Right To Work and Right To Rent Checks, with Basic DBS Checks in under 48 hours and 5 to 10 days for Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks.

Welcome to MyVetting.com

About what we do

Highest Security Standards

MyVetting.com is GDPR – and ISO27001-compliant and Cyber Essentials Certified.

Backed by over 20 years of industry experience, MyVetting.com has been developed in response to the need for high quality data-encrypted security checks that can be carried out with ease by fast-paced organisations who understand the importance of vetting. We work with businesses and organisations across all industries, including public and private sector and state-owned enterprise. We’re experts in employee, volunteer and tenancy checking using our proprietary Home Office-approved platform that shows you how your checks are progressing and when they will be completed

Simple, Affordable, Reliable

MyVetting.com has leveraged the power of technology to create a seamless customer experience to let you request checks from future employees, volunteers or tenants at the click of a button. MyVetting.com is also an affordable and reliable solution for contractors and individuals. Delivered by a trusted screening team with over 20 years’ experience in the UK and industry experts in employee Right To Work checks and DBS Checks, MyVetting.com offers an alternative to the traditional paper checking process. Fully digital, candidates can easily upload their documents for checking in seconds at an affordable price for you so you can stay compliant.

Employee, tenant and volunteer vetting is increasingly used in the fight against fraud and cybercrime, and supports safer recruitment and safeguarding across all sectors.

Fraudsters are experts these days, especially when it comes to ID Fraud. Take a moment to Stop, Challenge and Protect your organisation by employing the Home Office IDVT process;

Do not allow anyone onsite until you have completed a fully-compliant UK Home office IDVT Right to Work Check.

Use a trusted pre-approved Home Office IDVT and DBS provider to ensure fraud is met head on with the latest anti-fraud technology.

DBS Checks are an important frontline of defence against fraud to protect your key stakeholders.

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Here For You

We help our clients by ensuring that our costs work for their budgets – without compromising on security and safeguarding. Our system is simple and affordable, but vetting can seem complicated from time to time, and clients can have very specific questions as well as more general queries. Our knowledgeable and expert screening team are on hand to answer any question that you have about screening products or how the MyVetting.com process works.  

Contact us by phone during office hours, or email outside office hours. We’ll come back to you the next working day. You might find the answer to your query in our FAQS.  

Simple 3 Step Process

How MyVetting.com Works

We’ve made MyVetting.com as easy to use as 1, 2, 3.

Clients can use their DBS login at any time to access their DBS portal and send, manage and track checks. 

Applicants can access their DBS login whenever they need to and use their DBS portal to upload evidence, track progress and download completed reports.  



Step 1

Sign up to our system in seconds


Step 2

Invite your candidates to onboard with a click


Step 3

Live track your checks’ progress and download final reports