How to Replace a Lost DBS Certificate 

How to Replace a Lost DBS Certificate 

11 Jan 2024


How to Replace a Lost DBS Certificate

Digitalisation means that many paper documents have been replaced with online versions. This is the case with Right to Work and Right to Rent checks, which can be completed and emailed to you in minutes by However, a DBS check, from the Disclosure and Barring Service, will be sent to you as a paper-copy, physical document by the DBS if you request a paper copy at the point of application. 

Already Completed a DBS application?  

You may have had to complete a DBS check for your employer or as a volunteer with a local community group or sports club. As with, many people seeking a DBS apply online. With our DBS portal, you can track the progress of your DBS application online. Once completed, you will be issued with a digital report that includes your DBS number. 

We aim to return Basic DBS checks in 24hours, with a Standard DBS check or an Enhanced DBS check in 5-10 days. However, regardless of what level of DBS check you are undertaking, you will receive a paper copy of your DBS check through the post.  

You will be able to show your employers or your volunteer organisation your physical DBS check so that they can record your DBS number for their paperwork and safeguarding procedures.  

Where is my paper DBS check? 

As DBS checks are issued by the British Government, there are very few issues with DBS checks failing to reach the candidate through the post. However, if this issue does arise, there is a process that should be followed. We’ve created this DBS certificate reprint guide, with help from Government-issued directions from 

Replacing a Lost DBS Certificate  

The process for replacing a lost DBS certificate depends on: 

What happened to the original DBS certificate
What type of DBS certificate you are trying to replace 

Replace a Basic DBS Certificate 

If you have submitted a DBS application for a Basic DBS check, please allow 14 days from the date of Disclosure and Barring Service issue for the paper certificate to be delivered.  

If your Basic DBS paper certificate has not reached you after 14 days from the date of issue, please contact the DBS customer service on 0300 0200 190 to request a reprint.  

If you did not request a paper copy of your DBS check during the DBS application process, a reprint will not be granted. 

When to Request a Basic DBS Replacement Certificate? 

A request to reprint a Basic DBS check certificate must be made within must be made within 3 months (93 days) of the certificate’s date of issue. A Basic replacement for a lost DBS certificate will only be re-issued to the address that was supplied as the recipient’s original address for the DB check. The Disclosure and Barring Service will only issue one reprint of the original Basic DBS certificate.  

For any specific questions you have on a replacement Basic DBS Certificate, please speak with the DBS directly: DBS Contact Number – 0300 0200 190 

Replacing a Lost Standard or Enhanced DBS Certificate 

If you are hoping to replace a standard DBS check or an Enhanced DBS check, there are more stringent criteria to meet than the replacement of a Basic DBS check certificate. 

The DBS can process your request on satisfaction of the following points: 

  • Your Standard DBS check or Enhanced DBS check certificate was issued over 14 days ago, but you haven’t received it in the post.  
  • The request for a reprint has been made within 3 months (93 days) of the date of issue of your certificate. 
  • The address on the certificate reprint request matches the address on your original Standard or Enhanced DBS application. 

Want to ‘Track My DBS?’  

If you want to track my DBS, you will be able to find out the date of issue of your DBS through the DBS Status Check function on our applicant dashboard. Login with a quick click to trace your application through the system.  

Potential Issues With Reprinting a DBS Certificate 

You may fail to meet the DBS certificate reprint criteria. The most common reasons that you may not be able to secure a DBS certificate reprint include: 

Your DBS certificate has been accidentally lost or destroyed after you received it from the DBS.  

Your DBS certificate was issued more than 3 months ago (93 days). A new DBS check application will need to be submitted with the appropriate fee if you still require a certificate. How much is a DBS check? 

A previously ordered DBS certificate reprint has already been dispatched but the copy has not been received. 

Moved Address? 

If you have moved address since your original DBS application was submitted, you will need to set up a Royal Mail redirection before you can request a DBS certificate reprint. It is important to note that the original address submitted on your DBS application cannot be changed. Royal Mail website for more information on how to do this.

Ready to Reprint Your Lost DBS Certificate? 

If your Standard or Enhanced DBS certificate reprint request meets the DBS criteria, please complete the relevant DBS reprint form and email it to

The DBS aim to process all eligible Standard and Enhanced DBS certificate reprint requests within 5 working days. 

Quick, Affordable, Easy – DBS Checks 

Whether you’re following up on an existing DBS check or are ready to undertake a new check, offers a seamless digital service that lets you track your DBS application through the process.  

An employer can issue checks in seconds, with alerts send straight to applicants’ mobile devices so that they can submit their evidence in minutes.  

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