What’s so good about the MyVetting DBS Portal Account?

What’s so good about the MyVetting DBS Portal Account?

26 Apr 2024


What’s so good about the MyVetting DBS Portal Account?

The secret behind MyVetting’s DBS portal is you – we’ve created and built MyVetting around the needs of industry and commerce, organisations and charities, community groups and small businesses to ensure that you can carry out DBS checks quickly and affordably but securely. 

The world has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Digitalisation has transformed modern working practices, although vetting was still mostly carried out face-to-face. The Covid-19 pandemic was the driving force behind a great leap forward for the background check sector.  

Identity Documentation Verification Technology (IDVT) means that an umbrella body, like MyVetting, can run online DBS checks which means your applicants can upload their evidence securely and remotely. It can speed up the process dramatically – without compromising security standards or safeguarding. Home Office pre-approved suppliers of DBS checks, MyVetting has developed a process that allows you to send checks in seconds so that applicants can upload evidence from their own devices. 

What is the MyVetting DBS Portal Account? 

MyVetting’s innovative digital solution delivers a seamless experience for running and managing criminal record checks. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface is powered by encrypted technology and managed at your end through your MyVetting DBS Portal Account. With a simple set up, creating your MyVetting DBS Portal Account is free.  

How to Set Up Your MyVetting DBS Portal Account 

Setting up your MyVetting DBS Portal account happens automatically when you run your first check, and  is the first step to accessing and managing your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks online.  

Step 1. Visit MyVetting.com and click any of the Buy Now buttons
Step 2. Generate your secure One Time Password (OTP) and enter your name and email address
Step 3. Buy your checks with our secure Stripe payment system
Step 4. Land on your DBS portal and start to send basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks 

It’s really that simple. 

As well as Basic DBS checks, the Standard DBS check and the Enhanced DBS check online, you can also buy, send and track Right to Work and Right to Rent checks. Once you’ve sent your checks, you can use your DBS online account login anytime to track your checks’ progress. 

Buying DBS Checks with Your MyVetting DBS Portal Account 

Whether you’re an organisation that requires volunteer checks or an employer in need of a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, your MyVetting DBS Portal account means you can quickly and securely purchase affordable DBS checks in just a few clicks. 

MyVetting DBS fee 

As we’ve taken the lengthy paperwork away from the DBS process, it means we can build our prices around your budget. With pricing on a sliding scale, the more checks you buy, the cheaper each check will be.  

We’ve also worked to keep our admin fee for volunteers low – you’ll see our DBS costs for volunteers have been set to take your budgets into account. 

How much is a dbs check 2024? 

 Checking DBS Records Effortlessly on Your MyVetting DBS Portal Account 

Traditionally, a DBS application was paper-based and required meeting in person. Setting up this meeting, working through the DBS process and retaining the records properly could be a lengthy affair – but it’s key to ensuring safeguarding so it is a necessary draw on your time and resource. 

With MyVetting, you can undertake an Enhanced DBS check online in seconds, with results in 5-10 days. The paper certificate will be issued but it can dramatically reduce the amount of time the process takes.  

Tracking DBS Checks in Real-Time with Your MyVetting DBS Portal Account 

To track your DBS checks in real-time, simply log in to your DBS portal account and review the status of the checks from your dashboard. You will be able to see which applicants have submitted their evidence and which have not. Our system will prompt your applicants to complete their check as quickly as possible.  

If you are onboarding multiple applicants that require a DBS check,  MyVetting’s DBS Portal allows you to issue multiple checks in one go.  

How long does a DBS check take? 

With MyVetting, Basic DBS checks will be returned in under 24 hours or less, with Standard and Enhanced DBS checking in 5 – 10 days. 

Need MyVetting Customer Support? 

Our system has been developed to be as intuitive as possible and we’ve also created a wealth of articles that aim to answer your questions on DBS. However, we know that every circumstance is slightly different, and you may have some questions that you need help and support with.

When you get in touch with us, by email or on the phone, you’ll be able to speak directly with one of our Screening Team. They understand DBS checks inside and out and they will be able to help you get your checks back on track.  

Can I sign up for a DBS portal account 

Yes, you will be able to sign up for a DBS Portal Account in seconds and return as often as you like with your DBS portal login. 

At MyVetting, we have worked hard to make our prices affordable – but not at the cost of compromising on secure checks. Whether you need a basic DBS check at high speed or an Enhanced DBS check with Barring list check, we’re dedicated to delivering this to you with a DBS check fee that won’t break the bank.  

MyVetting – your affordable and reliable DBS checking partner – we’re looking forward to working with you. 

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